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Picture (below) showing a 5 micron pleated filter to remove larger particals and a 1 micron polyspun filter to remove small suspended solids. the fitered water with the bugs in it are then passed through the Stainless Steel tube and Sterilized.


Ultra Violet Sterilization

Ultra Violet Sterilizers and now being used more and more. With water restrictions in place more people are turning to rain water for domestic uses.

Rainwater can contain lots of nasty bugs and organisms that thrive in water. These are usually too small for normal filtration to remove.

These include Giardia or Cryptosporidium, Bacteria, Yeast, Mould and even Parasitic Cysts.


Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet at the correct wave length is deadly to most Micro - Organisms because it eliminates there ability to reproduce, and therefor they are no longer viable to cause infection.

A growing number of B&B's are fitting these along with Hotels and Restaurants.

They also have great benefit in certain Industrial applications.

These can be built or modified to suit your own requirements.






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